7 ways to increase consultancy profits

7 Ways to Increase Your Profits

Profitability has always come top when asking our clients about their reasons for choosing a project management system. So how can you tackle profitability in your business?

In our latest infographic, we’ve looked at ways to increase your profits. Of course there are more than seven ways to do this but here we focus on the highest-impact wins (as chosen by Synergist Users) that can be readily achieved with a project management system:

7 ways to increase profitability

  1. Staff Utilisation
  2. Project Health
  3. Saving Staff Time
  4. Better Decision-Making
  5. Resource Management & Capacity Planning
  6. Accurate Estimating & Quoting
  7. New Business


View the infographic in full here.

If you would like further information on how Magnifeye can make an impact on your business, contact us here.


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