8 disadvantages of running a business on spreadsheets

In a recent survey commissioned by F1F9 and conducted by YouGov, 33% of respondents reported poor decision-making due to spreadsheet problems.

Whilst spreadsheets are powerful, easy to use and flexible, they also have great weaknesses. In our latest whitepaper we explore the eight most common downfalls of using business critical spreadsheets:

  • Information silos
  • Data maintenance problems
  • Non-real time information
  • Frustration and lost time
  • Multi-user issues
  • No scalability
  • Inflexibility
  • Seeing the big picture

Download whitepaper: How Long Can You Run a Business On Spreadsheets?.

Are you thinking about replacing spreadsheets in your business with one central system for your Organisation? For further information about how Magnifeye can help your business, please contact us.

Magnifeye is part of The Agency Works Team, the UK implementation partner of Synergist job costing and project management software.

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