Are you engaging your employees?

Among the more interesting statistics we discovered with this year’s Business Vision Barometer was that just 78 per cent of businesses share KPIs with the employees.

This means that there are almost a quarter of businesses whose staff have no idea what the company is aiming to achieve and how it hopes to get there. And most importantly, these staff have no idea what their role is in achieving these aims.

We’ve all heard the line that staff are a company’s biggest asset. But it’s a cliche for a reason – it is true.

Almost all other areas that companies identified as challenges in our survey could be helped enormously by getting staff more engaged with business success. For example – 61 per cent of those surveyed want to increase new business leads. Encouraging and rewarding staff for networking and lead generation could help here.

Over servicing is a problem for a quarter of businesses (coincidentally, the same percentage that don’t share KPIs with staff) – and again, something that requires the engagement of your staff to tackle.

While it’s heartening that three quarters of companies are open about their direction and hopes for the future – and how they want their staff to help them get there – this is something that we would hope to see more businesses doing in the future.

Transparency, directness and clear communications with staff are key to business success – sharing aims and hopes with everyone in the business will always pay off.

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