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Synergist training for your staff

Your team will be trained to maximise the benefits of your Synergist system, tailored to the needs of your business, ensuring that your business has all the information needed at your finger tips, whenever you want it. Watch this short video which provides an overview of Synergist’s benefits and services.

Synergist training

  • Synergist Training

    As part of our client services, we offer bespoke chargeable training on any area of Synergist for new or existing users. Whether you require training onsite, a remote training session or a refresher course, we provide this for you, bespoke to your requirements.

  • Pricing

    Remote training is charged at £150 per hour and onsite training days are charged at £795 per day.

Onsite training

Ideally suited for teams of users, this workshop-style approach ensures teams receive the same training programme thus ensuring they work to a best practise approach. These can be taken as full or half day sessions. Contact our Client Services team to find out more.

Remote training

Ideally suited for one or two individuals, these sessions are operated by dialling in and taking ownership of your software and providing a training session on a specific area of the system, these sessions are carried out as hourly sessions. Contact our Client Services team to find out more.

Refresher courses

We offer refresher courses so that you can keep up to date with changes to Synergist and to make sure that you’re still getting the most out of your system. It’s also the perfect opportunity to monitor your business and any changes so that you’re always in control and making your organisation an efficient and profitable one. Contact our Client Services team to find out more.

What people who have worked with us have to say

“Synergist is fantastic and the reports I get to help with cash flow are brilliant.”

Carolyn KnightPartracPartrac

“The service that has been provided by Magnifeye has increased the profitability of On Line and helped us grow. Another area that it has made a great difference to is the professionalism of the reporting that the company is able to demonstrate to its clients.”

On Line Design & EngineeringOn Line Design & Engineering

“We had no idea how easy and useful using templates and activities could be. We’ve had Synergist for five years and didn’t realise what it could do.”

Ian HodgeComplete Tank Solutions