Synergist features

Time management

Estimating & quoting

A good estimating tool is an essential part of any project costing system. An estimate generated through Synergist prompts the user to consider the details of what’s required to do the work, by using a template, an existing project or from scratch. It also:

  • Displays the estimated cost and recommended charge for doing the work, based on either standard or client specific rates and hence margin
  • Can be automatically reformatted to build a client quotation
  • Can be quickly edited and sent to the client as a branded pdf via email (created automatically in your standard email package)
  • Becomes the budget for the project allowing the various components to be allocated to people or teams following approval
  • Gives you a live view of how the budget is being used allowing you to identify problems
  • Allows you to record agreed changes to the project ensuring clear records and accurate billing

Time & expense recording

Synergist offers a simple web browser based timesheet software solution. If work is done off-site, records can easily be kept up to date and users can add time against the project they’re working on. When the drag and drop tools are used, timesheets are also pre-populated with the details so that everyone knows what they should be doing, when, and how long for.

It’s simple and straightforward to approve and pay expense claims with the staff expenses management feature and an authorisation cycle.

Project costing

Synergist project costing software can help you to make sure you’re not giving your hours away for free:

  • Quick estimating from scratch or from a template to help with accuracy
  • Live visibility of progression against budget to highlight potential problems early on
  • Easy capture of all costs at source including time, purchases and disbursements
  • Details of individual costs as well as future costs (such as work already scheduled)
  • Accurate separate tracking of additional work for easy billing as chargeable extras
  • Simple visibility of estimated as well as actual profitability
  • Configurable email alerts to notify users of certain situations or potential problems
  • Full work in progress (WIP) reporting along with intelligent billing plans.
Planning & tracking

Capacity planning

The capacity planning module in Synergist helps you plan your resources precisely with the simple drag and drop interface.

  • View demand by either skill, department or team over the coming days, weeks or months
  • Compare demand with resource availability, helping you spot potential pitfalls early
  • Drill down to see where demand is coming from
  • Perform “what if” analysis to see how winning some prospective business would impact on your resource

Task allocation

Using ad-hoc systems that require manual updates can prove to be time-consuming and inefficient.

What Synergist can do for Project Managers

  • Information from timing plans and estimates can be fed through task allocation
  • Current and planned loading on all resources / teams is instantly visible
  • Due dates can be highlighted when allocating task to resource
  • Resourcing problems can be highlighted arising from timing plan changes

What the rest of the team can see

  • List of allocated tasks
  • Email alerts of new tasks allocated
  • Optional visibility of team tasks
  • Due dates and number of hours allocated for task

Project management

Synergist takes you from the start to the finish of a project and builds a complete history of the project, tracking who does what and when. It helps you to create a project plan quickly and easily and Synergist has the ability to email out a completed schedule as a PDF or Microsoft Project file so your client can share a professionally formatted schedule.

Synergist highlights any potential bottlenecks before they occurs and provides all the reporting needed to forecast financial performance accurately.


New business and CRM

Synergist provides client relationship management functionality which is fully integrated into the project management system. The CRM module offers:

  • Contact management facilities,
  • Logging client, prospect, colleague and supplier calls, emails, to-do’s and correspondence.
  • Create and action new messages, emails etc.
  • Create automatic project alerts and send emails to assigned managers on matters requiring urgent attention


Key reports are needed by all businesses to monitor health and make sure everything is on-track. Synergist offers these as part of the suite of standard reports. All are available for viewing on screen, printed, or exported to a spreadsheet or PDF.

Sample key reports:

  • New Business Forecast
  • Staff Utilisation
  • Income / Billing Forecast
  • Profitability by project, project type, client etc.
  • Work In Progress (WIP)
  • Purchase Accruals


The purchase ordering system included into the Synergist package can handle any stage of the entire purchasing cycle:

  • Purchase estimates can be created manually or automated requests for pricing can be emailed to multiple suppliers
  • Purchase details can be in text or quantity line formats with mark-ups applied by supplier, client or manually
  • Supplier options can be selected for inclusion in any quotation
  • Purchase estimates can rapidly be converted into purchase orders with configurable approval controls
  • No information needs to be re-entered, so staff can focus on getting the best deals not manipulating data
  • Purchase Invoice Register allows quick matching or part matching of incoming purchase invoices against one or more purchase orders
  • The approved purchase invoices is posted with nominal analysis to the accounts ledgers of any leading accounts system


Synergist billing software provides a quick and professional detailed analysis of all the work you’ve done, or a narrative style of invoice depending on your requirements. Plus, with control over the layout of your invoices, you can enhance your brand too.

The key function of invoicing software should be to ensure invoices go out promptly and accurately. Here’s how Synergist makes the process quick and easy:

  • Customisable list of projects requiring billing, based on either billing plans or costs incurred
  • Easy draft invoice creation with content from quote, list of work done, any existing invoice, project description or manual
  • Intelligent invoice approval process speeds up checking
  • Branded invoice production via print, email or fully electronic via OB10
  • Full multi-currency support
  • Multiple projectss billed on a single invoice.

All invoices are posted electronically (with nominal analysis) to your chosen accounts system including:

  • Sage 50
  • Xero
  • Sage 200
  • Sage ACCPAC
  • Access Accounts
  • Sun Systems
  • IRIS Exchequer
  • Microsoft Dynamics – NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics-GP
  • Agresso
  • MYOB
  • QuickBooks
  • Pegasus Opera
  • Dream

Accounts integration

Synergist integrates with all leading accounts packages including Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage ACCPAC, Xero, Quickbooks and more. This means you can use a standard system to control your sales, purchase and nominal ledgers without having to re-enter transactions and staff (company accountants, auditors etc.) can continue to use a package they are familiar with. The front office has a system specifically designed to help them improve efficiency and profitability. The finance team can always access the information they need having complete control over the accounts system including the electronic posting of transactions from Synergist.

We are Synergist’s UK partner, working together to deliver a solution that is focussed on enhancing your business. Together we have helped hundreds of clients to increase profitability and improve efficiency in the UK, Middle East and Australia. As part of our services, the Synergist team is on hand to help with any technical enquiries and support alongside our Client Services team. Watch our videos to find out more about some of the key Synergist features.