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We’re here for you

  • We ensure everything runs smoothly

    Our Client Services team is on hand to ensure that everything is running smoothly for you and your business.

  • We help you get the most from your system

    We provide ongoing Synergist User support so that you get the most out of your system.

  • We keep you up to date

    We also like to make sure that as a Synergist User, you are informed about new features and developments with the software.

Synergist user support

We have put together these resources to help Synergist Users. Download them here.

  • Client rates

    Download this PDF to find out how to set up and manage client rates in Synergist

  • Gantt Charts

    Download this PDF to find out how to produce Gantt charts in Synergist.

  • Timesheet Reporting

    Download this PDF to find out how to  manage timesheet reporting in Synergist.

  • User Views

    Download this PDF to find out how to customise what users can view in Synergist.

Internal support

  • Log issues via the internal forum set up to notify your ‘Synergist Super User’
  • Send a Synergist ‘Activity’ with an immediate alert to log your query
  • Set up weekly meetings to share knowledge and good practice
Synergist Super User

Your super user

We invite your organisation’s Super User to attend our webinars to keep them up to date with new features and developments in Synergist. The Super User has overall knowledge of how Synergist can be configured for your organisation and they will be the main point of contact for internal staff.

Synergist online support

Online support

  • Click on ‘help’ whilst logged into Synergist. Click ‘Help for Synergist’ to browse online help notes.
  • Click ‘Help’ and click the link to the ‘Synergist Knowledge Base’, type in questions to read related articles. User logins can be provided to leave feedback on articles.
  • Click on ‘About Synergist’ to follow the link for online tutorials and videos.


Contact the Synergist helpdesk for assistance on 01625 577 918 or email

Your account manager

Email your Client Services account manager. Alternatively call 01455 553 246 to speak to your account manager during office hours.


Take a look at the Synergist videos for demonstrations and tips for using your job costing and project management software, Synergist.


Visit the Synergist Super User Group for community support and information.


Check back soon for upcoming events.