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Hello Super Users!

New Super User logo_WhiteAppointing an internal “Super User” provides a vital link between your organisation, Synergist and Magnifeye. Our Synergist Super User support aims to improve your knowledge, leading to more reliable data and utilising increased functionality of your Synergist software.

What does being a Super User mean?

As a Super User, we will invite you to join us for webinars where we will provide you with regular updates on system features, user tips and future developments.

We encourage our Super Users to join our Synergist LinkedIn group where you can engage with other Synergist Users and become involved with discussions online. As a Super User you will receive monthly updates and ‘Spotlights’ from Magnifeye.

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Useful docs

We have put together some useful Synergist Super User support resources.


Join in with discussions and connect with other Synergist Users on our Synergist Super User group on LinkedIn.


Check back for upcoming webinars.