Why should you use project management software?

Has your year end highlighted just how many processes, platforms, and information in silos that you and your team are harbouring?

Let us guess, the majority of these are spreadsheets on people’s desktops?

Now we’re not being negative about spreadsheets. They are useful, easy to use and flexible – they can also be a bit of a dark art and a little addictive if they are the basis for any kind of financial management.

We just think there is a better way to make a consolidated system in the form of project management software work for you, and not just at year end.

The common reasons we hear why managing and cleansing multiple spreadsheets are inherently hard for consultancies are:

  1.  Too many cooks – with high numbers of team members accessing the same documents, this inevitably leads to inconsistencies with people using their own abbreviations or methods of populating spreadsheets, adding columns and sums, making them hard to reconcile
  2. Invisible errors – this is the dark art we were referring to. If a sum is wrong it can sometimes be difficult to work back, especially if its a marginal error but these can stack up and even be replicated across different sheets causing unnecessary stress
  3. Black hole of time – putting errors right and general up keep of multiple spreadsheets can be a real time sap. Especially if you have end of year reports to run or you need a quick update on figures. They take a lot of thought to set up too when resources may be precious enough as it is
  4. Just the facts – ultimately a spreadsheet is a calculator. It has no business process logic built in, no way of checking errors against what was predicted or planned for. Far different from a system that thinks like a company running projects, rather than just doing sums
  5. Filing reports – evaluating formulas, linked sheets, extracting data – not all easy tasks for every one to complete in a complex spreadsheet, and especially tricky when there are multiple users. Then imagine if you get the figure you need, you go back in the next day, and the formula has been changed…

Perhaps it’s time to think about Synergist’s project management software, take a look at all the Synergist features on offer.

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  1. Amit Kakkar
    Amit Kakkar says:

    Great article. I think these days project management softwares are very necessary if you want to handle multiple projects. These tools also plays a vital role in managing multiple teams.


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